why you need cellular amalgamation 

The Peplink Speedfusion system works by joining several cellular links into one single IP connection. It can be used by any multi cellular Peplink / Pepwave Router, so long as the device has a current warranty or speedfusion subscription.

If one of the cellular link is broken (loss of signal / mast blocking etc) the connection is instantly shared across the other available cellular modems to provide seamless connection in areas with patchy reception. By using different cellular providers, range can be extended as the system automatically uses the cellular signal with the highest quality.

In addition, since the cellular links are being joined together, the maximum download speed is nearly the combined speed of all of the cellular links, rather than just a single cellular link. This is especially important in some Mediterranean ports which have terrible network contention issues, particularly in the busy months of July to September.

The below diagram shows the service being used to upload a file to some sort of web server, such as Facebook. At the yacht end, data is transmitted to the multi cellular router via wifi normally, where it is separated into 4 different streams. Then each stream of data is transmitted over the  4 different cellular connections to a data centre running fusion hub. At the data centre the 4 data streams are re-combined and sent on to the web server required, such as Facebook. Because there are 4 cellular connections being used, the speed of transfer is almost 4 times that of a normal connection.Benefits of service

  • Amalgamated cellular service for faster and more reliable connectivity
  • VPN to country of choice – some local services will be available and possibly streaming TV 

  • Smooth connections in patchy reception

Horizon Hosting’s Speedfusion service service not only provides the other end of the connection, where the cellular connections go before being directed to their internet locations, but also sorts out all of the other required aspects as well. These are listed below.

Speedfusion Hosting

Choose the country where you want your traffic to originate from, we will likely have a high speed data center there!


Most Peplink products require warranty for Speedfusion to operate. We organise your warranty, the cost of which is included in the monthly price


As part of your Speedfusion subscription, we supply 2 hours free per month support. Through Peplinks InControl2 system, we can monitor, fine tune and control all aspects of the cellular connections aboard.