So we’ve been doing a few installtions of the new Peplink HD4MBX (CAT18) on a few boats lately.

These units are fantastic for speed and reliability, so right up our alley! It was only after pulling a couple of them out of the box that we realised that at theoretical 2.5 Gigabits per second each, we had a whopping 7.5 Gigabits per second of speed sitting on the bench. 

Lets put that into perspective. The Iridium 9575 extreme satellite phone has a 2.4kbs connection. It would take 3.1 Million Iridium 9575’s to have the same bandwith as the 3 routers on the bench!

While we were playing on the bench we also pulled apart the new ANT107 from Peplink apart to see whats inside. Everytime we do this, no matter what the antenna, we get confused as to how the antennas possibly work, and this is no exception. The ground and shield are linked by a shortish trace, with a much more complicated trace making the shape near the top of the antenna boards. Crazy stuff.

Now we’re off to find a cell site which isn’t congested to test these things out!