About us

Horizon Hosting is the Communications arm of Horizon Marine Electronics

Our history

Horizon Hosting was set up to battle bad installations and bad support. We are based in Palma de Mallorca, and during our normal operations are on several boats per day. It’s always suprised us the huge range in quality of communications installations that we see each week.

The tipping point for us to set up Horizon Hosting as a stand alone company came during the lead up to 5G technology. Confusion runs supreme, and it seems that many yacht communication companies are taking advantage of this confusion to muddy  the waters and lock customers into proprietory hardware and service packages. We are the opposite. We look to empower boats to make the right decisions, and give all options so you can be confident in the path you choose.

Yachts we work with


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“We succeed by making your life easier and your data more reliable. Happy Owner, Happy Crew, Happy Hosting”